The Stolen Bride

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The Stolen Bride

The singing was loud and raucous as my best mate Ted celebrated his forthcoming wedding the following day at the Crown and Anchor. All his friends from work and close personal friends and cousins were all there for his stag night. The noise turned to raucous cheers as the stripper made her very seductive entrance to the /party/">party and started her act. The bastard was marrying my ex /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend Jenny, which when I was in hospital, he had very sneakily seduced. When I found out I wanted to kill him.

When I came out of hospital My sister Jean had said when she told me about Jenny adding ”I thought he was your /friend/best-friend/">best friend?”
”He is or was.” I said. ”No wonder neither of them bothered to visit me in hospital I will kill the pair of the bastard's!”
”Don't be daft Tony.” Jean said. Remember the saying :Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Your time will come.”

Tonight was the time, tonight I planned to take my revenge in full. I had drunk virtually nothing, but as the best man I had been making sure that Ted was having double measures all night.

My sister had never liked Jenny anyway and I think she was taking a secret delight in the fact that Jenny had dumped me. She had always referred to Jenny as ”Miss Sticky Knickers” because Jenny was so very status conscious. Jean liked my current girlfriend Mandy much better.

In fact it was my current girlfriend Mandy who gave me the idea for my revenge tonight. My sister Jean worked in the local Pharmacy and she knew that Jenny had just gone on the pill prior to the wedding, as her shop made up the prescription for her. Mandy said one night in passing. The silly bitch it would serve her right if someone put her up the stick before her wedding. From then on my mind started working overtime, and I discussed several ideas with Jean, and gradually we expanded the plot because we wanted them both to suffer. As best man I was able to ensure the wedding date was just at Jenny” most fertile period.

From there it was a simple logical progression to the actual implementation of the plan. Somehow, the girls between them had managed to substitute Jenny's birth control pills for aspirin. When I asked her how she had managed it, typical Mandy had tapped the side of her nose wisely and said. ”The less you know the better.”

Now I watched as the stripper did her act making the usual fool of him and as she had been instructed (with quite an extra few pounds bonus from me) she dragged Ted to the lift and to a bedroom that I had hired for them for the night. It was part of my plan that Ted would be going nowhere tonight except to bed with the stripper, and all that free porn movies download entailed if he was sober enough to get it up. I had also arranged that the photographer who was a friend of mine to be able to nip in and take a few extra photo's during the bedroom action..

I slid out of the 'stag night” and into my car tucking a small bottle of Vodka in my pocket as I did so. A few minutes later I was knocking on Jenny's apartment door. She was surprised to see me, and seemed rather het up. ” I just came to wish you luck Jenny dear and to see if you had changed your mind about marrying Ted.”
”No hard feelings then Tony dear.”
”I did not say that. It's hard for me to be the best man when my so called best friend is marrying my girl, the only girl I have ever loved.”
”Oh Tony don't be silly, you know you don't love me. Come on in and have a drink and wish me luck.”

I knew that Jenny loved to drink Tomato Juice and Worcester Sauce, and I knew that Jenny normally got very horny after she had consumed a few drinks, it was not hard for me to /doctor/">doctor her drink with some neat Vodka when she went to the bathroom, or answered the many telephone calls she was receiving from well wishers.

But as I suspected the suggestion that I was still pining over her plus the effect of the vodka was enough to get her a little skittish as time went on, and it was not long before she was in my arms and after a little initial resistance we were kissing and cuddling. From there it was only a short step before I was helping her off with her housecoat.

”But I am marrying Ted tomorrow Tony she whispered, as she vainly tried to protest, yet at the same time desperately wanting to be fucked by me .”
I told her :Tonight Jenny dear this is your last night as a Spinster - your own little hen night.”

"You mean you can't help yourself wanting make love to me," she said, looking me in the eye, as my hand was playing with her nipples.
"OK, Jenny, I mean, can you blame me? Jeez honey, you're a stunning woman, and tomorrow should have been us.
"Well, Tony dear perhaps this was fate you coming to see me tonight. Ted is off enjoying himself at his damn stag party. Maybe I can have one final fling myself. Just to be sure.
I interrupted her. "Of course I would love to. You're so beautiful, what man wouldn't want to?" I said. I meant it as well, as I scooped her in my arms and pulled her slim sexy body closer, as our lips met to kiss... Tentatively at first, then with increasing passion. I felt her tongue push at my lips, and I let them part to allow her full access.

My hands went to her breasts, My hands smothered her tits, and I felt her nipples come alive in my palms. We stood there for some time when suddenly I sensed her hands beginning to roam. Away from my buttocks, around the front to undo the zip on my pants, finally closing in on my /erection/">erection, she grasped it firmly, her cool hand inside my boxer shorts as she grasped and started to play with my cock.

"Perhaps we should get more comfortable," I suggested.

"Great idea," she said. Quickly moving us to her adjacent bedroom. Turning, her hands went to work, pulling at the buckle on my belt, then when I was completely undressed pushing me back on the bed. Without a word she swung her legs over me, sitting on my thighs facing me. We continued our passionate kissing, as she tucked my now very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock between her legs to rub up and down her very wet pussy, as I played with her firm young breasts, then I ran my hand down her back , and then back to her tits. My cock throbbed as she eventually reached for it, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief as moved to take me, but we never broke the kiss.

I could feel her hand on my cock, positioning me against her /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips sliding me back and forth until she had achieved enough lubrication. Then she pointed me straight into her love tunnel and began to let her body sink down on to my cock.

"Slowly. Slowly," I managed to mumble as she descended my exuberant cock. I felt myself gradually being taken into her /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy I as watching her expression. Her eyes were closed, as she traveled down the length of my cock until I was nestled firmly inside her. She opened her eyes.

I looked up into her face and said "This is what you will be missing when you marry Ted. "I told her. But she did not answer.

"I feel very full and very wet " she said. ”I”d quite forgotten how big you are.” She bounced up, then down steadily, gradually forcing me even deeper..

"This is amazing," she said. "It's almost full hd xvideo download like the /first-time/">first time... It fact it might be better than the first time, because there's no pain..." There was silence in the room, interrupted only every few seconds by the slap of her thighs landing on mine as she moved up and down enthusiastically on my cock.

One of her hands went down to her clitoris. She began to twiddle her index finger against it as she moved my cock in and out of her pussy. Her movements became more frantic. Her fingers played with herself ”Oh” she said looking at me with wide eyes. ”I had forgotten just how good we were in the bedroom.”

Her thrashing increased again. And then she began a series of convulsions that were so strong they threatened to topple us from the bed. I had been close ti coming for several minutes; I let myself go as I spurted my baby seed deep into her waiting womb..

Through my orgasmic pleasure I watched her face contort. She watched mine. We both saw each other at the very peak of passion, and stared each other down into the nadir of satisfaction. It was, as they say, fucking awesome. I guess I should have felt guilty, fucking Teds bride-to-be, but I knew that he was getting having his fun at the stag party.

"Wow," she said, "that was great." I nodded. Then she said. "I had no idea. I've never cum like that before with Ted while making love.. Then she asked shyly ”you don't have to rush off do you.?”

We heard the door bell ring at about 2.00am in the morning, and we had just dropped off to sleep in each others arms and Jenny pushed me into a cupboard in case it was a relative. When she came back she was clutching a pile of Polaroid photographs in her hand which had been pushed through the letter box. She was looking stunned and the photographs very explicitly showed Ted having sex with the stripper. For just a brief moment I felt sorry for her. But revenge is /sweet/">sweet.


Early that morning Jenny invaded Teds bedroom. Ted had to face a wrathful Jenny The wedding was cancelled, and Jenny after our night together desperately wanted to marry me as soon as we could manage it. However, I could not just walk out on my girl friend now could I? It was three months later that Jenny began to show. ”You”re the father she complained, why won't you marry me? But as my vengeful sister pointed out. She may be with Ted on your stag night, and can you be 100% sure the baby is yours?”