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Sex Games

Elizabeth watched Todd walk through the door. Sitting regally in her chair, she slapped her leather paddle against her hand. The impact stung a bit, but seeing Todd flinch at the impact was worth it. "You're late," she said.

Todd looked at his watch, caught off guard. "No, I'm not, Mistress -- I'm..."

"Did I hear correctly, slave?" Mistress Elizabeth's voice was threatening. "Did you just contradict me?"

Flustered, now, Todd replied, "No, Mistress, I was just--"

"The forbidden word, slave!" Mistress Elizabeth slapped her palm again.

Todd dropped onto the floor, kneeling, head bowed. His arms rose, outstretched, crossed at the wrists as if bound. The position he assumed without thought, without resistance. "I am sorry, Mistress! I have been a , bad slave. Please forgive me, Mistress."

"Forgive?" The tone of Mistress Elizabeth's voice was just below complete outrage. "Late in arriving, one demerit."

Todd winced, knowing this would cost him in punishment, very soon.

"Uttering the forbidden word... NO!" Mistress Elizabeth continued. Todd cowered, hearing the word from Mistress' lips, already feeling pain from the word itself. Pain she had conditioned into him, as a Pavlovian response. His mind refused to remember the extended xnxxv sunny leone video whippings, the repeated shouts of the forbidden word, his cries and whimpers -- it refused to remember, but the pain was there. The aversion was there. He could not help himself. "THREE demerits!"

Todd began shaking, trying not to imagine what his punishment might be.

"But... I am in a merciful mood tonight, slave," Mistress Elizabeth smiled. Todd was not sure he felt relieved at the sight of that smile. "Still, I am going to change our plans for this evening."

Todd's weeks in chastity were supposed to have been at end, and he had been hoping for Mistress to grant his aching cock the relief of an orgasm -- even a tiny one. Even if it meant hours of being whipped, and licking Mistress' pussy, and tonguing her ass, and obeying her every demeaning command... And now... Now it was all changed. Something else was going to happen. He felt the cock cage squeezing tighter around his penis -- so sensitive and yet so numb, after all the weeks of being locked up.

"Yes, Mistress," he replied -- and bowed to the floor, touching his forehead to the hardwood surface. His arms remained outstretched, and the jacket of his suit felt tight around his arms and shoulders. Still, he waited for Mistress Elizabeth's next command.

"Instead of our planned activities for this evening," she continued, "I want to do something... simple. I want to play a game." She leaned forward, gently slapping her hand once more, enjoying that Todd flinched at the sound. She sat up straight in her chair, and said, "We're going to play... checkers!"

Todd felt confused. He was certain he'd heard it wrong. "Checkers, Mistress?"

"That's right. You'll be red, and I'll be black." Another slap of the paddle. Todd shook. "Go to the hall closet and bring out the checker set."

Todd stood up, and almost ran down the hall, to the end, and opened the doors. He looked up to the left, finding the Monopoly game, the boxes of playing cards, the poker chips. Finally, his eyes landed on the box with the checker and chess games. He pulled the box out, and trotted down the hallway. In a few minutes, he had set up the checkerboard, and the flat, coin-shaped game pieces, the red pieces all at his end of the board. Todd hovered over the table, not sure what to do next. Mistress was seated at one side, and an empty chair was at the other -- where his red pieces were. But he knew better than to assume he had permission to sit.

Mistress reached out and swatted Todd's ass with the paddle. "Strip, slave! Clothes off -- NOW!" Todd hastily began unbuttoning his jacket, draping it on the chair, unzipping his pants, removing his shirt. Soon, he was setting aside his shoes and socks, with his folded carefully on top, in the corner, against the wall.

"Sit down, slave," she commanded. Todd sat, not sure what to do next. Mistress Elizabeth shifted the board around, centering it on the table. She looked up at him, holding the leather paddle in one hand. There was no smile on her face. Something was up.

"Your move," Mistress commanded.

Todd looked at the board. The opening move in checkers -- there weren't all that many choices. He pushed a red piece toward the center of the board, diagonally.

"One square," Mistress announced, "one swat. Stand up and bend over, slave."

Todd looked at the board. What had he gotten into? He rose from the chair and bent over, presenting his bottom to Mistress. THWACK!! Her leather paddle hit his buttocks firmly, almost making him grunt with .

"Sit down, slave," Mistress said.

Todd turned around, looking at Mistress Elizabeth, feeling confused -- but aroused at the same time. His cock thickened inside the tight chastity, hurting a little. Todd sat down -- though his bottom felt sore, and the chair chafed against his skin.

Mistress Elizabeth moved a black piece toward his red piece, the one he had first moved. Blocking any further movement. "On your knees, slave. Kiss my foot."

Todd immediately dropped to the floor, and crawled next to the table, positioning his face over Mistress' right foot. He was delighted that she was wearing sandals, out of which she could easily slip, exposing her long, smooth toes with the red painted nails. He kissed the sensitive spot on the top of her foot, between the big toe and the second toe. Lingering there, letting the warmth of his mouth soak into her skin, gently brushing his lips against her foot. Then he planted a second kiss a little higher on her foot, more to the center, hearing her moan quietly at the sensation.

"Enough, slave. Back in the chair. Your move."

Todd felt disoriented. Oh, yes -- the checker game. He'd completely forgotten it, in his of kissing Mistress' foot. Todd rose quickly, bumping his right shoulder on the edge of the table, feeling incredibly clumsy. He stood, realizing his cock was beginning to ache inside the tiny cage. He bit his lower lip for a moment, and levered himself back into the chair, as Mistress had commanded. He pushed a second red piece forward, leaving the first one protected.

"Another square, another swat," Mistress announced. "Stand up, slave." Todd stood. "Turn around." He presented his backside to Mistress for another swat. There was a moment's delay, and then the sudden impact of her leather paddle on his skin -- forcing a tiny squeal from Todd's throat. "Sit down again... slave," Mistress commanded.

Todd sat, shaking a little. And watched as Mistress Elizabeth moved a different black piece toward his red one -- leaving an empty space behind it.

"On the floor," she commanded. Todd dropped on all fours, as Mistress Elizabeth spread her legs wide. "Nuzzle my pussy, slave."

Todd crawled forward, and pushed his face against Mistress Elizabeth's crotch, under her raised skirt. Of course, she wore no panties, as usual during their sessions. He pressed his nose along the cleft of her pussy, breathing slowly out through his nose, warming her skin. He circled down and to the left, trailing the tip of his nose up the space between her thigh and her outer labia, then circling over her shaved mound. Then down to the right and up again, along the other thigh. He was about to press his nose directly against her cleft, when Mistress commanded, "Back in the chair, slave. Your move."

Todd scrambled backwards on the floor, truly shaking now. He rolled back and stood, then dropped his aching bottom onto the chair, surprised at how sore he felt back there.

He looked at the board, and saw Mistress' piece diagonal from his, with an empty space behind it. A little uncertain about the consequences, Todd looked up at Mistress.

"You know the rules," she said. "If you can jump, you MUST jump." She stared at Todd, silently daring him to contradict her. But the slave knew better. He lifted the red piece, placed it on the board behind hers, and removed the black one, setting it aside on the table.

"Two squares... TWO swats!" Mistress Elizabeth announced.

Todd stood, presenting his red, sore bottom.

"Not on the rear, this time, slave," said Mistress. "Turn around and face me."

Confused, Todd turned, his hands still clasped together, not knowing what to expect.

Mistress pointed her paddle at him. "Hands behind you, slave." And Todd moved his hands, his right hand grabbing two of the fingers of his left. "Look down!" Mistress commanded. "I did not give you permission to look at my face." Todd stared down at the floor, his cock so tight in the chastity.

THWACK! THWACK! A hard blow across the top of his left thigh, another across the top of his left. Todd's eyes filled with tears at the pain. He tried to suppress a moan, but found himself sobbing for a moment, unable to stop. Mistress waited, while Todd composed himself, and began to shuffle backward, and started to sit down again.

"Did I tell you to sit down, slave?" asked Mistress.

"N-- " Todd began, then caught himself before uttering the dreaded word. "You did not, Mistress." He resumed standing straight, his buttocks and thighs burning, cock aching.

"You took one of my pieces," Mistress Elizabeth accused.

It's part of the rules, Todd thought. But he answered, "Yes, Mistress."

"What should be your punishment, for taking one of your Mistress' game pieces?" She stood up, and approached Todd closely. She pressed the edge of the paddle under his chin, pushing upwards. "Look at me, slave." Todd looked into her eyes. "What sort of punishment should you receive?"

Todd was shaking, afraid that saying the wrong thing would earn him even more severe pain than getting it right. "I... I don't know, Mistress."

She trailed the real forced anal against her will edge of the paddle down Todd's neck, down the center of his chest, pressing it gently against his navel. "You... don't... know..." She drew the paddle back, as if getting ready for a swing at his face, and Todd's eyes went wide. The Mistress Elizabeth lifted her other hand, holding up a small, black box, with two electrodes at one end. She showed it to Todd, letting him see the small, metal prods glitter in the light. Then she lowered her hand to his crotch, pressed the box against his balls under the chastity, and pressed the button.

Waves of intense pain throbbed through his balls, and Todd screamed, expelling the breath he had been holding without realizing it. He lost all count of time, of how long the electrical sparks shot through his groin, but it seemed to go on forever. Suddenly, Mistress Elizabeth pulled the box away, and Todd began to cry, shaking -- as Mistress casually walked back to her chair and sat down.

"Sit, slave!" She reached out to the board, and moved another black piece, giving Todd another opening to jump -- straight to her side of the board.

Gasping for breath, Todd sat, and examined the board, realizing his was the next move. He reached out to the red piece, ready to jump again. Afraid of the consequences.

"Not yet, slave! I just moved a square. Time to pleasure your mistress. On your knees again, and over here," she pointed.

Todd slipped off the chair, feeling the edge scrape against his sore bottom. He shuffled forward on his knees, not sure if he should be crawling. Mistress did not correct him. And when he arrived at her chair, she unzipped her top, exposing her breasts.

"The left nipple -- SUCK!"

Todd leaned forward, his mouth opening...

"Not that way, slave! MY left!"

Suddenly, Todd found Mistress' knee pressed firmly against his balls. Not roughly -- but meaning business. His mind was going fuzzy, it was hard to think. He shook his head, trying to clear the fog, then thought a moment, and leaned to his right. His lips closed around the large, soft nipple. Teasing and sucking. Feeling it harden inside his mouth. He sucked, and then dared to scrape the edge of his teeth -- gently -- over the skin of Mistress' nipple. Her moans told him she was enjoying the sensation.

"Enough, slave." Mistress reached up with both hands, and pushed Todd's head away.

He crawled backwards, stood, and sat again, feeling the chair on his sore buttocks. He began to reach for the red piece again, afraid of what might happen next. Then Todd pulled back, folded both hands in his lap, and begged, "Please, Mistress, I don't want to play any more."