The Phone Call

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Phone Call

As she popped on-line to see if he was there, her heart skipped a little for he was! As they chatted and she tried to mother him with his knee, him listened as always. Yet she know he'd still do as he pleased. Damn him, she thought as her fingers hit the keys. I know what I'm talking about and he's just not listening to me. Yet she smiled knowing how he was, and no one would ever change that. Then to her /surprise/">surprise, he typed Want to call me? Oh Yes! she thought and quickly dialed the number. 

His voice was such a welcome the wwwxxx sound to her as they chatted, and again she harped about how to tend to his knee. "Yes, dear" seemed to be his answer to everything she said and she knew he wasn't going to listen. The she asked if he'd gotten the story she'd sent him and he said "No." So she sent it to him again to give him something to read during his day. "So what are you wearing?" he asked her. "I'm getting ready for work" was her reply. But it didn't answer his question. As she went to put her bra on he told her to stop. He talked to her about how full and nice her breasts were, and how he enjoyed touching and sucking them. She smiled and closed her eyes, as her hands wondered thinking of his touch. "Roll your nipple as I do" he said. "No" was her reply yet she found her fingers squeezing her /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple. "That's it Baby" he said "roll it and pull on it as I do." Without thinking about it she obeyed and felt the warmth filling her body. "Now my Love, move your hand down to your outer lips" he said "But don't go inside yet." She softly moaned as her fingers traced her outer lips. "Damn you!" she said as she found herself losing control of her body and it over riding her willpower. His voice was firm, yet so /sensual/">sensual as he told her to swirl his finger around her swollen clit.
She could feel his touch as her hands became his and she followed his wishes.

"Now dip a little deeper inside Honey" he said, so enjoying the feeling she was having. "I want you!" she moaned as her wetness grew as did her desire to cum. "Then put two fingers inside, and they are my cock" he ordered. Doing as told she plunged the two fingers inside, feeling the walls open then contract again. "I want you to fuck me any way you want" she moaned. His voice grew deeper as he told he to "Ram them in harder and deeper as I would my cock!" She again did as told and could feel his balls slapping her ass with each stroke! He could tell be her breathing and moans she was close to cumming, and he picked up the pace. "Harder and deeper" he moaned as she lost herself in his voice. "Oh God Yes!' she moaned as the first of many climaxes racked her body, for she now knew he wouldn't stop! "Put my finger on your clit and swirl it" he told her. "No!" she said, knowing he become more demanding. "I said Now!" his voice so deep, so sensual she did as told. "Feel me rubbing my cock on your clit" he said softly. Again and again she came, wondering how he knew her body so well, yet enjoying he did. 

She pulled her finger away as to get her senses back, and he sensed it. "Did I tell you to stop?" he asked. "No more!" she pleaded yet knew it was for from over. wwwxxx "Rub your beautiful clit!" he said "And NOW!" As if a moth to the flame, she followed his wishes only to cum faster and harder with each one. Again he sensed she was nearing her limitedand backed off, letting her come down slowly. As she lay there so wet and content she so wondered how he was able to do what he did to her. She always came so fast and hard with him in person or by phone. And when with him the climaxes never seemed to end, until he held her and cuddled her close. She smiled and said" I'll be late for work, but with a smile!" As she /hung/">hung up the phone and got dressed her only thought was "Damn Him!" as an other after shock hit her. It was going to be a wonderful day!