Blackmailed fiancee part 3 conclusion

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Blackmailed fiancee part 3 conclusion

 I was very embarrassed as I sat down I had never been treated like this before in my life Leon seemed to get enjoyment out of showing me off and bragging about what he was doing and as far as Al I wasnt sure about him, he didnt seem to smart but he was definately enjoying what Leon was doing.

As we sat there Leon said yeah shes shy but she sure is a hot little /bitch/">bitch once you get her going. Al said she sure is the prettiest girl ive ever seen. Leon leaned over and whispered in my ear, Big Al has never seen a white girl naked in person before. Knowing what was on Leons mind I whispered back and said no, dont even think about it.

Leon completely ignored me and said to Big Al, I taught old waman xxxgx her how to suck a dick to. Al said damn you a lucky mutha f----- . Leon then leaned over and begin to kiss my neck and play with my hair I tried to stop him but the harder I tried the more he resisted. Leon then said to Big Al , you want to see her suck my dick. Al said hell yeah. I looked at Leon and said please don't. Without saying a word Leon undone and unzipped his pants and pulled his already /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock out of his pants.

Leon took my hand and placed it on his cock and said now play with it bitch my hand was shaking as I slowly stroked his cock. Al said damn Leon you sure are lucky. Leon placed his hand on the back of my head and said suck it bitch as he pushed my head toward his cock. Leons cock jumped as I kissed and licked his cock before taking it in my mouth. Leon said yeah bitch what would your little white boyfriend think of you now, you sucking a Blackman's cock the night before hes going to marry you.

Leon made me suck his cock in that position for a few minutes while talking dirty to me before making me stop. Leon then took the blanket a spread it on the floor and ordered me to get on it while he took his clothes off. Leon then made me lay on my back with my /feet/">feet towards Al as he straddled my head and made me lick his balls and play with his cock. Leon said to Al I told you she was a hot bitch didn't I. Leon was playing with my tits as he talked, even though I tried to prevent it I had become extremely excited . Even though it was so wrong it had excited me more than I had ever been in my life.

I could hear Leon and Al talking as this was happening. Leon said she likes my big black dick her pussy gets real wet when she plays with it. Leon said to AL she shaved that pussy for me to,  even her boyfriend hadn't seen her with her pussy shaved. Al said damn I aint never seen no girl with a shaved pussy either.

I had managed to keep my legs closed while all of this was going on . Then Leon said I bet she wants us to see that pussy. Then he ordered me to spread my legs saying let Al see them panties bitch. I nervously spread my legs and I heard Al say damn Leon her panties are wet. Leon said I told you didn't I. Leon then said I bet shes ready to show us that pussy. Leon said take off them /girl/panties-girl/">panties girl. My body was totaly out of control as I reached down with my free hand and slid my panties off. My heart was pounding in my chest as I slowly spread my legs again Leon and Al both said damn that sure is a pretty pussy.

Leons hand slowly traced down my stomach until he finally touched my pussy making me moan as he touched me. He ran his fingers up and down my slit a few times and then played with my clit my hips moved uncontrollably as he did so. Leon played with my pussy for a few minutes before making me sit up and take my negligee off. I couldn't believe I was totaly naked in front of 2 men at once this was wrong from every thing I had ever been taught but it was the most exciting thing I had ever done.

Leon then made me lay on my side facing Al and he got behind me and lifted my leg and begin rubbing the head of his cock on my pussy. I was breathing out of control as this was going on even though I was very wet I was still tight I hadnt had sex since the last time Leon fucked me. Leon finally got the head in me and slowly begin to insert his cock in me it took him a few minutes before he started to pump in and out of me bokep sma pecah perawan saying damn girl you got a /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. You know your little wimp boyfriend cant please you,  you need a /real/real-dick/">real dick to fuck you.
My body was totaly out of control by this time, lust had completely took me over. Leon begin to whisper in my ear as he fucked me asking me if I would like to see Big Als dick at first I kept telling him no at first,  and he kept saying this is your chance to see 2 dicks at once, I had never thought about it before, but the thought was exciting. Leon asked Al if he would show me his dick if I wanted him to and Al said hell yeah.

Leon slowly fucked me as he kept asking if I wanted to see Als cock, saying come on baby you know you want to , you want to see his dick dont you, finally I said ok. Leon said close your eyes I closed my eyes as Al pulled down his pants when they told me to open my eyes I couldn't believe it Als cock wasn't as long as Leons but it was very thick the head look like a ball off a pool table it was probably 8 inches long and very black.

Leon said look at that bitch now what would your little boyfriend say I bet you want to touch it dont you. Leon then made me get on my hands and knees in front of Al. Leon begin to fuck me from behind saying go on grab his dick bitch stroke his cock while I fuck you Leon then reached around grabbing my hand and placing it on Als cock. my hand was so small on his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock as I stroked it It wasnt long before I begin to have an orgasm and as I was Leon begin to shoot his load in me and as I was coming Al came in my hand. After it was over Leon took me home it was 3:00 a. m.  when I got home.

The next day I was married but the honeymoon wasn't anything to brag about I didn't have my first orgasm the thought of Big Als cock is still in my mind I just dont know what to do about it.