The Perfect Wedding Gift

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The Perfect Wedding Gift

The most enjoyed day in my life was the day before my marriage. Not because I was excited about marriage, but because of the wonderful sex I had that day. I will tell you my story of lust.

I am Jenny, married for the last three years and I am blessed with a baby girl. This incident happened the night before the last day of my bachelorette life. I was 20 years old and was doing modeling along with my studies then. My fiance was a renowned fashion designer who fell for my looks and character. I had lot of boyfriends in the past, but xxx when I started dating Geo, he was a super cool fun loving guy. Neither of our families had any objections in our marriage. He is tall, dark and handsome and I was tall, slim and grew long hair. We met in the shooting site of a shampoo ad and soon were good friends. Our friendship turned into love soon and reached marriage.

My marriage was by the end of March 2009 and I remember well that it was the day before my ovulation day. I wanted to have some worry free fuck just after my marriage, and that?s why I had insisted for that particular date. But things were not just as I planned. The day before my marriage day at last arrived. There were a lot of friends and relatives visiting us which is a custom in our place. There were a lot of people in the house and they were singing and dancing and everything. In the evening, my brother came to see me with few of his friends who had come home to attend the wedding from the college where he studied. He introduced them one by one to me and I found it hard to take off my eyes from one of them, a teenager who looked like he just came out of some Hollywood movie. He was just so handsome and young that I could not help stop staring at him, unaware of my surroundings.

I guess the boy noticed my behavior, and he gave me the cutest smile I have ever seen. When the introduction was over, they turned around and started walking away, and then this candy boy turned back from the group and came back to me and said, ?You look stunningly beautiful Didi (Elder sister). Your fianc? is one lucky fellow, I bet.? I was blushing red and pink, but I had noticed him checking me completely out when he was speaking and he didn?t miss the opportunity to hug me. I thanked him for the compliment and he turned back and he rushed to join his group. I was thinking in my mind, ?He is such a /cute/">cute pervert.?

In some more time, it was dark and I went to take a shower and hit the bed. All the other rooms except mine were packed with relatives. I closed my bedroom door and went into the shower to bath. It was a hot and steamy day. Just before removing my clothes, I saw a glimpse of someone peeping through the partially opened bathroom window. A mixture of emotions ran through my mind. I wanted to find out who that was. So, I turned to the face mirror, which was against the window and disguised as if I was looking at the mirror, but indeed I was figuring out the face in the window through the corner of my eye. To my /surprise/">surprise, I found out that it was the same candy boy. I didn?t know what to do. If I shout, people would gather and there would be a lot of embarrassment. And if I turn a blind eye to him, he would check me out completely and he might do the same to may be somebody else too. I wondered how could he get out of his gang and get behind the house to peep inside my bathroom window. I don?t know how, but my heat was raising, may be thanks to my ovulation date. So, on my second thought, I decided to go ahead and run a private show for this horny fellow.

I moved away from the mirror and pulled my Kameez (the top of typical Indian attire for women) up to reveal my bra cladding round juicy breasts. The upper part of my breasts was bulging out of the tight brassieres, giving it a very erotic look and that exactly was my ulterior intension. I wanted to tease this horny young guy and make him ejaculate in his teenage undies. The sheer thought of it made goose bumps on me. Parenthetically, I almost forgot to mention that my boobs were size 36D, which was a little bigger and round than the normal /indian/indian-girls/">indian girls. I went back to the mirror and raised a hand to reveal my clean shaven armpit and started acting as if I was checking out myself in the mirror. It was a real tease for the poor fellow. I pulled back my hair strands which had fallen affront and tied them neatly behind my head giving him a better view of my partially covered bulging boobs. Then I went ahead to remove my Shalwar (pants) off to show off my glowing skin on my thighs and legs. Many photographers have seen me this way before, but I had never felt this horny and erotic ever in front of them. It was just for some photo shoot and it was always professional. This time, I was being naughty. I could see the guy still through the corner of my eyes, staring at my almost nude body in astonishment.

My panties were already dripping wet with my sticky juices. That right moment, I wanted a /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick to fill me inside making me gasp in ultimate pleasure. I enjoyed the view in my mirror for some more time. I knew its time I showed him the next part of my body which is otherwise forbidden for him to see in public. I stretched my hands behind and unhooked my cupping bras and took it off me. My boobs jerked like a pair of balloons filled with water. My nipples evidently were erect and sticking out like two big buttons. I am fair and my areolas are small and light pinkish. I had a completely waxed (guys, that means hairless if you didn?t know) body. Again I got back in front of the mirror to play with my bulky boobs and tease my inquisitive viewer. I pulled up my boobs to lick my nipples and pressed both the melons hard. My voyeur man?s mouth was open in astonishment already. I knew he was stroking his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock at that time. But something made asked me stop him before he spilt his sperms. I wanted it all; I wanted to see the white gluey liquid oozing out of him. I knew that if I continued the show for some more time, he would explode standing there.

Then, in a jiffy, I turned around facing him and our gazes met each other. He was shocked for a moment and looked as if he is gonna go pale and faint. Before he could run off, I asked him whether he is enjoying the show. Realizing that his identity is exposed, he told me ?Sorry didi. Please don?t make this a fuss. I will do anything you would ask me for. Please?? I asked him as a reassurance whether he will do anything that I ask for in return for the favor of not telling on him, he said ?anything you ask.? My brain graphed out some wicked plans without ado. I told him that I don?t mind him porn videos download peeping me shower. He seemed to be relieved a bit. To release the bit of nervousness left in him, I asked him whether he would like to feel my body. His eyes shined and he smiled a wicked smile. He opened the window completely and put his hand inside the bathroom. I stood close to the window allowing him access to touch me. He placed his palm on my left boob and closed his eyes as if he is relishing the moment. Then he lightly pressed my boob, and then he pinched my nipple lightly. I placed my hand on his and moved his hands over my boobs. He was fully bold now. He asked me if I minded him seeing my pussy. I smiled at him and moved back giving him a clear view and pulled my white laced panties down my legs, showing him the hidden treasure. I had a clean and hairless pussy in there. I asked him whether he is happy now. He said he felt on top of the world right then.

Then I asked him to sneak inside my room and lay hidden under my bed until I ask him to come out. He said ok and went off. I took a good shower and dressed in my night gown and got out of the bathroom. I bent down under my bed to see the boy already waiting under there. I asked him whether anyone saw him coming inside, to which he replied negative. I asked him to remain there until my next order and he obliged. It was 9 o? clock already. I went outside the room, brought a bottle of water. I told my mom that I am gonna hit the bed a little early that day as I had a long day the next day. She said fine. I got back inside my room and bolted the door. There was so much of noise outside the room of all the people who had come home. I bent down and asked the boy to come out. He crawled out of there and came outside. I held his shirts collar and told him that he is in a very delicate situation right now. So he better obey my orders to every word. He said ?Ok didi.?

Then I took two steps back and sat on my bed. He seemed a little worried and nervous. I asked him
?What did you say was your name??
?And how old are you??
?17, didi?? I had guessed that correct, because my brother too was 17.
?Hmmm? Do you have a girlfriend??
?No didi??
?Have you ever had sex??
?No didi, I just masturbate thinking about girls.?
?Have you seen anyone nude, other than me before??
?Yes didi. My sister, my servant, few of my cousins and friends?
?I peep through the window when they take bath.?
?So, this is your routine!!!??
He was silent. I asked him whether he is ok to loose his virginity. He looked up at me and smiled. ?Then take off your cloths one-by-one.? He started stripping his cloths in front of me. I keenly watched his skills on the job sitting there cross legged. He was a slim guy; his ribs could be seen. He had a flat but muscular stomach and lean and muscular arms. When he took off everything other than his undies, I stopped him. I pulled his hands and made him stand right in front of me. The bulge on his briefs looked massive for a teenager. I cupped my hands on it and looked up at me biting my lower lips. He looked excited. I supported and pushed up his balls with my left hand. Then I pulled his underwear?s elastic and inserted my right hand inside it and clasped his hard cock and pulled it outside. Believe me or not, it was massive for a boy of 18 years. He was well /hung/">hung. Seeing my bewilderment he said that he thinks that it might be because of his ancestry (His mother was an Iranian and his father a South Indian). I held his erect cock with both my hands and still its head was outside my palms. Unlike his body, his dick was thick. He had trimmed pubic hairs and two beautiful balls hanging. I pulled his foreskin back and his cock head came out in open like a red bulb. I pulled his briefs down and off his legs and closed my mouth over his dick head. Then I swirled my tongue around it and made it wet. Then I tried inserting as much of his cock?s length in my mouth.

I was not even half way when it hit the back of my mouth. Then I pulled it out, and then I entered it again. He asked me whether I knew to deep throat him. He had seen that kind of stuff in some porn videos. I said I will try. This time, I opened my throat completely and inserted his cock deeper into it. It filled my throat fully and I was in no time gasping on it. But I did not let it go. I sucked him deeper and deeper every time I thrust it in again. At last, I won in inserting his mammoth fully inside my mouth. By then I was out of breath. I took it out and took a couple of long breaths and then inserted it again. This was a practice session for me. But this time, he summoned my loose hairs and clasped it as a handle to push my face onto his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. He was enjoying this lot. After some more time of BJ, I pulled it off and sucked his balls. My saliva drooled down his glittering cock, which I licked and sucked again.

Now, I stood up. He pulled opened the knot of my night gown and pulled the cloth apart. I was not wearing anything underneath, expecting all these. The same wicked smile returned to his face once again. I cupped both my boobs with his palms. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him on his lips. He was an excellent kisser. I could not believe that he was a virgin with all his skills. He roamed his tongue in every part of my mouth and sucked my tongue provocatively. When we broke the long smooch, he went straight for my ergonomic zones. His lips crawled over my cheeks, down the back of my neck. That was one of my most erogenous spots. I was going wild in lust. He searched the meadows of glories and reached the holy twin mounds. We worked it up to the top from the base and didn?t miss a single spot in between. By the time his hot breath was covering on my nipples, I was pulling his hairs and moaning uncontrollably. Just then his salivary mouth covered my nipples and made a vacuum on it, which sucked more of my boobs into his mouth. He seemed to want to cover my whole breast with his mouth. I too was a challenge for this young fellow. He sucked half my boob into his mouth before loosing out. Then he licked my waiting nipple and played with the other one. He was just to both my boobs in giving them his attention and care. He made me lie on the bed and he climbed over me to continue his endeavors.

After some more caressing of my tits, he continues his glorious journey down to the forbidden valleys. His lips crawled over my flat stomach /tickling/">tickling the hell out of me and reached just above my Bermuda triangle. But before entering the hidden land, he withdrew to my astonishment and started again with my legs. He was a super fetish to give such keen attention to my every part of the body. When he sucked the fingers on my legs, it was a new feeling for me. Nobody had ever done that to me before. I loved the feeling. HE again worked his way up my legs and thighs. By the time he reached my pussy lips, I had wetted the bed with my aromatic flavors. Then he spread my legs apart and lay in between them and clasped my pussy lips with his lips. Then he sucked and licked my pussy from bottom to top in non ending strokes. He figured out that exciting my clits excited me higher. He worked well on it. Then he inserted his tongue inside my slippery vagina. I was out of control when he sucked on my clit and inserted his long finger inside my pussy. I cried out in orgasm forgetting my surroundings. But my cry just faded away in the high noise outside our room.

Then he wanted to enter me. I asked him whether he is ready for this, to answer my question, he got up and pulled me to the edge of the bed and positioned himself between my legs. But the bed fell short in height, so he kneeled in front of my pussy and to adjust the height, he placed a pillow under my hips. Now things seemed perfect. He made me raise my legs up in the air, and then he pulled them apart to open up my vagina for his throbbing cock. Then he faced up at me and asked me in return, ?Are YOU ready for this?? I shook my face positively. He placed his cock head at the entrance of my holy cave and pushed a little. His cock?s head plunged inside my pussy with a clucking sound. We both laughed at that. Then he slowly pushed more and more of this cock deep into my pussy. It seemed like a never ending snake getting inside its hole. After what seemed like ages, his thick long cock was engulfed fully by my slimy pussy. He adjusted his stance once again and pulled the whole length out of it. Then again he pushed it all inside. It was reaching placed deep inside my pussy where no other cocks had reached before. In no time, he was pounding in me like a horny goat. The scent of out sweat mixed with our love juices spread in the air giving us both a higher arousal. I was going wild with pleasure under his skillful dick. After some more time, I made him lie on the bed and I climbed on top of him and placed his cock head right under my pussy opening and lowered it slowly on to his hard tool.

This time I was doing the pumping works. He stretched his body and held my hips and started pushing and pulling me on his cock as if I was a doll. My hair was flying haywire and my boobs were bouncing up and down frenetically. But we were in no mood to end this session soon. So we stopped before Shawn could reach orgasm and changed our positions again. Next was doggy style. I stood on my hands and legs and he went behind me to enter me. He made me lower my upper torso for a better clearing of my vagina for him to enter. Then he pushed his hard prick into me smoothly and started fucking me vigorously. He hit my ass cheeks with his boney hands; the pain was mixing up with the /ecstasy/">ecstasy. We were vigorous as if we were on dope. He clasped my boobs from back and squeezed them hard. Then he pulled me up keeping his cock still intact inside me and turned me to kiss me again. He did not stop pumping me any time. We were in some Kamasutra position right now. A picture of ours in that pose would make any boy have a hard on. I was on my knees, he was on his knees behind me , with his cock inside my pussy, his hands were cupping as much of my boobs as he could, on of my hands was on his hand and the other one was around his neck clasping his hair and we stood there bending, smooching each other.

Now it was long time and we were reaching orgasm. He hit it deeper and deeper into me. His balls were hitting my pussy every time he inserted. I stood on my hands and legs again. I knew I was developing the biggest orgasm I ever had. My pupils dilated, my muscles contrasted and my pussy muscled were squeezing Shawn?s cock inside. We both were hysterically making noises, but thanks to the people outside we were saved. I reached orgasm just when I felt his thick juices flowing deep inside my pussy. He was also in ecstasy. He humped me once, twice, thrice more and collapsed on my back. I had just recovered from my /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm ever. It was as if I had dozen shots of tequila. It was a sudden rush of adrenaline and everything was blinded out. The world was just me and this young boy.

I asked him how his first fuck felt. He simply said ?Unforgettable?. We laid there for some more time with his limb cock still inside me. After some time, I got his cock outside me and started sucking his cock. It was covered with his sticky semen and my body fluids. It tasted good though. As usual, my sucking brought magical powers in Shawn?s cock and it stood undefeated once again. When I was sucking him, he asked me how many times I have had sex. Truly, I didn?t have an answer to it, because I do not know its answer. But I just lied to him that I have done it a few times before. Then he asked mw whether he could satisfy me. If fact he had satisfied me more than any one else ever (including my husband). Then he asked me whether I have tried /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex. The last time I tried anal sex was with my ex- boyfriend and that was a major disaster. But I told him no. Then he said he wanted to do anal at least once in his life time, and if I wish, he would like to do it with me. I thought I can give it a try. So, he entered my anal doors as a God of sex and came in me victoriously. After two ejaculations, Shawn was exhausted. I had to let him out of my room also. So we waited till every one slept.

We spoke till 1 o? clock in the night about how he came out of my brother?s gang to peep inside my shower and all. At 1AM, he said he wanted to try fucking me once again before he leave. I instantly sucked n his cock and quite surprisingly, he attained another hard-on. This time we fucked for much longer time. I have no clue how many times I experienced orgasm that night. This time I wanted him to sputter his sperms in my mouth. So I asked him to take it off me just before he came. He agreed. This time we were in missionary position. Just before he came, he removed his cock from my pussy. I sat up and placed his cock head in my mouth and started jerking him off. I saw that his orgasm was building in him once again. I increased the speed of my stroking. He stretched backwards and shot what seemed remaining of his sperms into my mouth. I know people love to see their sperms on their girl?s body very much. So I made sure that the sperm drooled down from my tongue and fell on my boobs. I spread his sperm on both my boobs and inserted my finger in my pussy again. I sucked the last drop of semen from his limb cock while I masturbated to another ground breaking orgasm.

He kissed me again and smiled at me. I thanked him and hugged him. Then we got up and got dressed up. I opened the door a bit and peeped outside my room. The whole house was asleep, getting ready for the marriage in the morning. I signaled him that the path is clear. Then he got out of the room without making any noise and crossed all the people sleeping on the floor. Just before going out of my vicinity, he turned back and threw me a flying kiss and disappeared in the darkness. I slowly closed my room?s door and lie back on my bed. I had to get some sleep, before waking up early the next morning. I closed my eyes and remembered the scenes from the time I saw Shawn with my brother to the moment he sent me the flying kiss.

Just then I remembered that it was the day of my ovulation and we just had unprotected sex. The sperms inside me had already started its journey up the womb. I thought, ?Chuck it; I will have a contraceptive pill tomorrow.? But the next day went so busy with the wedding. Then that evening, I decided I would not mind having that smart guy?s baby anymore. So I did not take the pill. I was so right that I would have his baby, because exactly on the ninth month of our wedding I delivered this beautiful baby girl. She is so fair just like the candy boy. My husband is a dark guy. He got all the appreciation, but the candy boy who fathered my baby girl is somewhere in this world, may be pumping some other girl this time. I just have one thing to tell him; Thanks for the wonderful time and this cute little wedding gift he gave me.